Leadership in DOVE Europe

As leaders we are driven by a deep desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who demonstrated servant leadership throughout his life and ministry. We believe that true leadership involves putting the needs of others before our own and serving with humility and selflessness.

At DOVE Europe, we strive to cultivate a culture of servanthood and compassion, where leaders are committed to equipping and empowering others to fulfill their God-given purposes.

Dirk Develing


Dirk serves the body of Christ worldwide, is passionate about discipleship and multiplication and owns a business.

Together with his wife Hanneke he serves as main leaders in Dove Europe.

Hanneke Develing


Hanneke serves God since 2003, when she started together with a team a youth outreach in her hometown Apeldoorn. At the moment she and her husband Dirk leads a house church and helps others to start house churches and Disciple Making Movements.

Hanneke serves together with Dirk as main leaders in the DOVE European team.

Ron Myer

Team member

Ron has been involved in starting and multiplying cells and churches for over 20 years. He serves on the DOVE International Apostolic Council, next to Europe he overseeing the churches in the USA. Ron travels as a conference speaker to give leadership training and impart the life of God to the body of Christ.

Larry Kreider

Team member

Larry is founder of DOVE International and also serves in the DOVE Europe team. Larry initially served for 15 years as senior pastor of DOVE Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania, which grew from a single small group of believers to over 2,300 in 10 years. Today, DOVE believers are found meeting in more than 1000 local churches.

Peter Bunton

Team member

Peter and his wife, Ruth Ann, have served in evangelism, church planting and leadership training in YWAM for many years. Peter speaks five languages, oversees the DOVE church in The Netherlands, and also serves as the leader of DOVE Mission International.