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A Worldwide Family Rejoicing in Jesus!

“To build a relationship with Jesus, with one another,
and to reach the world from house to house,
city to city, nation to nation.”

Prayer, evangelism and discipleship
Our mission is to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, obey His Word, and to encourage and equip each believer for the work of ministry. This mission will essentially be accomplished by the threefold mandate God has given us: prayer, evangelism and discipleship.

The Challange

Europe, once known as the birthplace of Christianity, is now considered a post-Christian continent. While the history and culture of Europe are deeply rooted in the Christian faith, recent years have seen a decline in religious practice and belief. This presents a unique challenge and opportunity for those looking to spread the message of Jesus and serve as missioners in the region.

The secularization and the increasing religious diversity of Europe make it a new type of mission field, where creative and adaptable approaches are needed to reach the people who live there. It is a chance to bring new life to the continent and to introduce people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Did you know: somewhere between 5% and 10% of Western Europeans attend a Christian service in any week.

Our family

DOVE Europe is part of is a global family of churches and ministries on six continents. Diverse in culture, we share common biblical values and a commitment to start and nurture healthy churches in many forms, as well as small groups, leaders, missionaries, and ministries worldwide. Resources include our leadership school, free articles, media, books, literature, and a global prayer ministry.

How we are part of building The Kingdom of Jesus


In prayer we worship God; we bring our needs and the needs of the world to Him, and we allow the Holy Spirit to transform us, to empower us and to reveal to us His specific strategies for fulfilling the Great Commission.


Engaging in discipleship, we build relationship with and care for one another, training each other in godliness and good works, so that we would all be mature disciples engaged in the threefold mission of prayer, discipleship and evangelism.

Discipleship thus becomes ongoing, as those who have been trained, in turn, train and disciple others.


Through evangelism we seek to make known the glory of God and the name of Christ through verbal proclamation, publishing, the arts, acts of compassion and service, both to our own neighbors and cities, and also by going to the peoples of the world in cross-cultural mission. We desire to see children, youth and adults come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the un-evangelized hear the good news and churches planted in all nations.

Our Family: A Journey Together

We are a proud family of believers in Christ involved in churches and ministries located in six continents. As an international family, we are diverse in culture and background but share a common God-given vision, values, mission, and commitment to start and nurture churches and ministries to transform communities throughout the nations. We are called by the Lord to labor with Him to build His church from house to house, city to city, and nation to nation:

  • The family is presented in six continents in 35 countries.
  • More than 1000 churches and ministries
  • The people gathering in thousands of small groups.

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