2023/08/26 - By Dirk Develing

DOVE ELC European Leadership Conference 2023

Welcome, European Kingdom Leaders!

We're thrilled to invite you to the first DOVE ELC European Leadership Conference.

This year's theme is "Building for Eternity," and we're focusing on how to develop your God-given leadership skills to advance His kingdom in Europe. Our conference is rooted in the DOVE values that bind us as a spiritual family.

Who should be there?

  • All DOVE Europe Leaders
  • Invited friends of DOVE leaders
  • People who are interested of being part of the global family
  • Church planters in Europe
  • Apostolic (network) leaders Europe

This page will be frequently updated as new details become available.
Last update: 5th of November 2023 22:22 hours

We are fully booked. Registration is not possible anymore.

What to expect at the DOVE ELC 2023

This year's conference is all about "Building for Eternity." We aim to empower leaders to develop their God-given skills and to work effectively in Europe to advance His kingdom. The conference will feature a line-up of renowned speakers, who will delve into key themes such as:

  • Leadership Development: Learn how to hone your God-given leadership skills to make a lasting impact.
  • Kingdom Principles: Gain insights into multiplication, leadership, community building, disciple-making, church planting, and decision-making from a kingdom perspective.
  • Spiritual Enrichment: Participate in workshops and moments dedicated to prayer and prophecy, designed to deepen your spiritual journey.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded leaders across Europe, fostering relationships that could lead to future collaborations and kingdom expansion.

The conference is a unique opportunity to grow both personally and in your ministry role, all while deepening your relationship with God and expanding your spiritual family.

Meet the Kingdom Leaders who will share their experience on the DOVE ELC 2023

We're inviting leaders who don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. These are mature leaders deeply in love with Jesus and committed to the path of true servanthood. The moment they committed to this conference, they committed to sharing their hearts and serving you in the best way they know how. This is a unique opportunity to not just hear about the kingdom but to experience it, to live it, and to grow in it alongside like-minded individuals.

Larry Kreider

Long term follower of Jesus

Larry is the founder of DOVE International and also serves on the DOVE Europe team. With 15 years as the senior pastor of DOVE Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania, Larry has seen the community grow from a single small group to over 2,300 members. But also started a micro church network.
Today, DOVE has expanded to more than 1000 local churches worldwide.

Merle Shenk

Following God across continents

Merle serves on the DOVE International Apostolic Council and the apostolic team for DOVE South Africa. He is the lead elder at Newport Church in Pennsylvania (USA). After planting a church in South Africa and living there for 11 years, Merle returned to the USA to continue his ministry work. He is set to become the international director of DOVE in early 2024.

Hanneke Develing

Lover of Jesus for 20 years

Hanneke has been serving God since 2003, starting with a youth outreach in her hometown of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Today, she and her husband Dirk lead a house church and assist others in starting house churches and Disciple Making Movements. Hanneke co-leads the DOVE European team with Dirk.

Dirk Develing

Trying to be a Jesus imitator

Dirk is a multifaceted leader who serves the body of Christ worldwide. With a passion for discipleship and multiplication, he also owns a business. Alongside his wife Hanneke, Dirk serves as main leaders in DOVE Europe.

JC Alzamora

This guy reads your mail

JC is a great encourager and lover of God’s presence! He lives in the United States but he frequently travels throughout Europe, empowering churches with his God-given prophetic gift. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Maria and has been married for 33 years.

Workshops & break-out sessions

More details about workshops and breakout session will follow here.

About The DOVE Family

The DOVE family is a global network of churches and ministries spanning six continents and 26 countries. United by a set of deeply-held kingdom values, we are committed to knowing God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ and living by His Word. Our mission is threefold: prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.

We believe in the
power of spiritual families, spiritual parenting, and intergenerational connections. Our commitment to these principles is evident in our structure, which includes over 1000 churches and ministries and thousands of small groups. These groups serve as the building blocks of our community, fostering deep relationships and spiritual growth.

Our focus extends beyond the walls of the church. We are dedicated to
fulfilling the Great Commission through various means, including arts, publications, and media. We also prioritize social responsibility, reaching out to the poor and needy both locally and internationally.

In essence, the DOVE family is a vibrant network of churches and ministries, committed to transforming lives and communities through the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our conference will be deeply rooted in the DOVE values that guide our spiritual family. Learn More About Our Values

Conference schedule

This is a draft shedule!
Be sure to revisit this page for the latest updates on the schedule, workshops, break-out sessions and more.
Stay tuned!

Time Wednesday 15.11 Thursday 16.11 Friday 17.11 Saturday 18.11
07:00 - 08.45 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 #2 - Main session #7 - Main session Check out
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 #3 - Main session #8 - Main session
12:30 Lunch Lunch
14:00 #4 - Prayer walk #9 - Workshops
15:30 Check-in Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 - 17:30 Check-in #5 - Workshops #10 Interview + Interactive session
18:30 Check-in (No dinner served!) Dinner in the restaurant Dinner in the restaurant
20:00 #1 - Welcome and first meeting #6 - Main session #11 - Worship + Impartation

Practical conference details


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria (Hotel Forum)


November 15th (Wednesday evening) till November 17th (Friday evening) 2023


€ 195,- per person (includes 3 nights, conference fee, meals)


We've got your ground transportation to the hotel covered!

Register for the conference.


Will I have a roommate?

Absolutely, we aim to pair up solo guests in shared rooms. Couples will naturally be accommodated together. If you'd prefer a single room, just give us a heads-up. Keep in mind that this will incur an extra hotel fee.

Will there be translation available?

The conference will be conducted in English.
As we anticipate attendees from various language backgrounds, we kindly request those who require translation services to make their own arrangements for their respective languages.

Will there be childcare available?

There is no childcare available during the conference.
We encourage leader couples to arrange childcare at home so they can attend the conference with full focus and no distractions. If that's not possible, consider having one parent stay at home.
However, if they really want to attend together, the option is to arrange childcare in their hotel room.

How can I pay for the conference?

You have two options for payment for the conference. We accept both cash (in Euros or Levs) and wire transfers. For wire transfers, please use the following details:

Account Name: The Living
IBAN: NL03INGB0009553399

ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam

We prefer a wiretransfer, but choose the method that's most convenient for you!