Larry Kreider

Larry is founder of DOVE International and also serves in the DOVE Europe team. Larry initially served for 15 years as senior pastor of DOVE Christian Fellowship in Pennsylvania, which grew from a single small group of believers to over 2,300 in 10 years. Today, DOVE believers are found meeting in more than 400 local churches and in thousands of small groups in twenty nations in five continents of the world.

Larry got his start in ministry in 1971, helping to found a youth ministry that targeted the unchurched youth in his community of northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Dozens came to faith in Christ and soon Larry found himself teaching a large group of young people each week at a gathering called Rhema Youth Ministries. DOVE grew out of the ensuing need for a flexible New Testament-style church (new wineskin) that could assist these new believers (new wine). In small home groups, the new believers found a place to experience and demonstrate Christianity built on relationships. They could readily share their lives with each other, grow up spiritually, and reach out with the healing love of Jesus to the world.

Larry continues to pursue this vision to build the church with an underground (small group) focus in the nations of the world. It is his heart’s cry to see believers worldwide reach out from house to house, city to city and nation to nation, as they empower and train others to do the same. He emphasizes the need for believers to become spiritual fathers and mothers to train the next generation. He is blessed to serve alongside an amazing team of leaders representing many nations of the world. He is a featured speaker at conferences throughout the United States and internationally and travels extensively to train Christian leaders worldwide.