How to become a DOVE partner church

Can an existing church be part of DOVE? Sometimes we are approached with this question.

We believe that God has called us to build his kingdom with like-minded people of similar vision, and values, through relationship. Once relationship is built, and if both parties feel there is similar vision and values, then it may be possible for a church to become part of the DOVE family.

The process would likely be the following: Contact will be made with us. The interested church or church planter should read some of our literature (from House to House Publications), especially the book “House to House”, which gives some of the history and values of DOVE. We will supply you with our “Leadership Handbook”, which explains more of our vision and procedures. We normally suggest that you attend one of our conferences to get to know the DOVE “family” around the world. If it seems that the church and DOVE have a similar, vison, values and procedures, we will normally agree to partner together for one year, after which the relationship and future direction will be evaltuated and finalized. For further information please contact us.